Research demonstrates ReadingWise English can boost reading ages by over nine months in just 20 hours

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What is ReadingWise?

About us

With roots in India (check out the fantastic film for details), we work with primary and secondary schools to deliver a rapid improvement in literacy. We have two evidence-based products, Decoding and Comprehension. Both are online, allow schools to work with groups of 10, and can be delivered by trained TAs.
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Decoding takes learners through a carefully structured, personalised learning journey. Students work through blends, progress through common endings, words and sentences using a variety of innovative approaches to unlock reading. The content starts at the beginning with letter-sound recognition and progresses through every four-syllable word in the first 3 Harry Potters.
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Comprehension empowers learners through key strategies, like questioning, summarising and thinking ahead. The focus is on 'meaning-making' with anticipation is built through the narrative of 'The Red Stone of Calcutta.' Comprehension Transforms reluctant readers to enthusiastic, book-hungry participants.
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We make life easy for our schools. Teachers are busy enough. Our Dashboard gets you progress data fast. View impact. Isolate challenges. And much more.
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Training for every school. All staff welcome, empowered together to turn strugglers into enthusiastic, engaged readers.
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