A Department for Education (DfE) RCT study found ReadingWise increased reading ages by
9.5 months in 1 term and ReadingWise pupils improved twice as fast compared to the control group.

From the study:
“Teachers noticed a huge difference in the abilities of the children to engage in whole class work, and saw the improvement in the children as significant.”

How does ReadingWise help?

Using a broad range of innovative techniques, we provide schools with a ground-breaking literacy intervention programme with amazing results. Using algorithms, online sessions adapt to each learner’s ability, delivering appropriate content to optimise learning and progression through the programme. A government-funded study found that ReadingWise improves a pupil’s reading age 78% faster than usual classes.

for Primary Schools

Use ReadingWise from Reception through to Year 6 Reading SATS to support whole class reading skills and provide additional development for strugglers including EAL and SEN.

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for Secondary Schools

Use ReadingWise in KS3 and KS4 to deliver rapid reading improvement targeting the need. Sessions can take place with the learning support team, in the library or in the classroom. The live progress tracking reports are ideal for Pupil Premium and Ofsted reporting.

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for Multi-academy Trusts

An evidence-based range of literacy interventions used to improve phonics, decoding, comprehension and vocabulary in the highest achieving trust.

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ReadingWise Supports Teachers to
Improve Literacy in Schools

Our mission is to tackle literacy problems before they have a chance to negatively affect children’s lives. We support children from year 1 through to year 11 in secondary school. In England in 2023 27% of children left primary school not having met the expected reading level. Over 16.4% of adults having very low levels of literacy in the UK. Models suggest that this costs the UK economy as much as £80 billion each year. 57% of people in prison are functionally illiterate.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our mission started in India, resulting in a charity that’s responsible for teaching 2.5 million illiterate women to read. We turned that into an evidence-based online programme for schools and since 2015 we've helped over 300,000 pupils across the UK to improve their reading.

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