Case Studies of Pupils Learning to Read and Improving Reading Age

Learning to read gives a child so much more than a useful new skill. It maximises their enjoyment of school, boosts their self-confidence and opens them up to a world of limitless possibilities. Our case studies show how ReadingWise can work for you.

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Without good literacy skills, individuals have fewer opportunities for success. The links between literacy and social mobility are well documented, as are its deleterious effects on society. Take the prison population of the UK, for instance, where half of inmates have a reading age of 11 or below.

But on a personal level, just imagine how it feels to be a child who’s struggling when all around you are classmates who seem to have acquired this skill with ease. With a curriculum based on the written word, things like maths, languages and history - subjects you may have enjoyed  - are effectively shut off to you, too. You begin to feel like school is a place where you cannot succeed - and your behaviour starts to reflect this feeling of disaffection.

Read about our case studies to find out how ReadingWise can make a real impact.

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