Calmore Junior School KS2 Literacy Case Study

ReadingWise helped learners achieve gains of up to 2 years, and Rhonda, the TA, felt empowered by the programme.

ReadingWise English was trialled in late 2014 and early 2015 at Calmore Junior School. Rhonda, a TA, worked with groups of 10 learners in daily 20 - 30 minute sessions. The impact was significant with several impressive results including one learner making 1 year and 9 months progress. Calmore is now committed to using ReadingWise English with their struggling readers over the coming years.

“With this programme the children like the range of different activities and they like the challenge as well, particularly the boys who like getting to the next level – that was a real motivating factor for them. They like it because they are not just doing the same thing every day..”
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