Impressive Literacy Results at Forehill Primary School

"I was attracted to the personalised nature of the programme which means that it is accessible to children with a whole range of pupil support needs."

The staff and students at Forehill Primary School, South Ayrshire, surprised us with this film about how they’ve been using ReadingWise modules at their school, and the impact it’s been having on their learners.

“The children have already commented on seeing improvements in their reading, and that by using the ReadingWise strategies that they have learned, they can work out what a word says now without having to ask an adult for help.”

A huge thank you to Forehill Primary School for sending us this lovely film, we’re so pleased they’ve been seeing high engagement and such great results!

Why ReadingWise works so well for Forehill Primary School

“I first heard about ReadingWise at a cluster pupil support team meeting and straight away I knew it was something I wanted to bring to Forehill Primary School as it fits in with our school Improvement plan.” 

“I was attracted to the personalized nature of the program which meant that it was accessible to children with a whole range of pupil support. The ReadingWise programme is based on the theory of overlearning where children learn bit by bit as well as going over any previous learning before moving on.”

“The instructions are clear the activities are different yet follow a recognizable pattern and the children work at their own pace and are rewarded in tokens for every correct answer after completing a section.”

“My starting point was to use their reading age assessment to identify my first group. This would be made up of children who were reading at a level below their actual age. These findings would also be used in the completion of the programme to measure individual progress.”

“Since we started using this, ReadingWise has recorded an average improvement of 9.4 months in children who have completed the programme. I was encouraged when I heard that Improvement was no different for those children who had already been diagnosed with dyslexia, or those who were poor or reluctant readers. At the end of each session, we tally up the tokens and issue Awards such as certificates or free time on the computer.”

“For those reaching their Milestone targets, I also announced the winner of the ReadingWise Daily Achievement Award. This award goes to a pupil who has shown motivation and concentration on that day. This daily dialogue celebrates success with the pupils as well as giving the opportunity for individual feedback.” 

“[When this was filmed] At Forehill primary we are currently halfway through our first ReadingWise block and the children appear motivated and are on the whole managing to work through their programme independently, and accept the challenges that present themselves as they progress.”

“The children have already commented on seeing improvements in their reading and that by using the ReadingWise strategies they have learned they are able to work out what a word says now without having to ask an adult for help.” 

“Teachers have also commented on improvements in the pup's writing so the benefits can already be seen in all areas of literacy.”

As one pupil said: 

“Reading wise helps me spell words I need help with. I like ReadingWise cos’ [because] we get tokens and fun stuff, and ReadingWise is fun because it helps you to spell words.”

“I like going onto the computer because it helps me spell words. It helps me with words I didn't know before. It helps me with my reading and my spelling and when I do my phonics homework.” 


Work with ReadingWise to improve literacy results in your school 

Take a look at our other case studies and testimonials from teachers, TAs, headteachers, and literacy leads at primary and secondary schools and multi-academy trusts (MATs).

ReadingWise offers four core modules, plus a comprehensive Learners Library, Teacher Training, and a Dashboard that you can integrate with other school software, and use to demonstrate attainment against the Pupil Premium Budget. Here is our pricing for more information

Zip : Phonics for primary schools, reception, and Y1. 

Vocab : A special vocabulary programme for learners aged 6 - 16, for primaries and secondaries.

Decoding : A comprehensive module for learners with a reading age below their chronological age irrespective of key stage. 

Comprehension : A powerful, engaging, and fun literacy intervention module to develop the quest for meaning behind a narrative. Its content, structure, and design deliver age-appropriate sessions for Primary and Secondary schools Years 5-9.

Over 100,000 pupils in UK schools have completed a ReadingWise programme! We hope to help you and your children, too.

“ReadingWise is really good value for money. We have seen it as being a highly effective intervention that offers personalised learning to large numbers of children and has a measurable impact in a short amount of time.” Jenny Taylor, Headteacher, Horfield Primary School, Bristol - 85% pass in 2016 reading SATs

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