ReadingWise Learner's Library for years 3 - 9 (KS1 - KS3)

The Learner's Library is a collection of extracts from 20 classic children's favourites, providing a brilliant resource for learners to practice their reading skills. Over 300,000 pupils across the UK have benefited from ReadingWise modules and our Learners Library.

Reading is a journey for meaning. It starts with comprehension and leads to enjoyment. ReadingWise makes every step of the journey more fun for pupil’s of every age

The Learner's Library is a fun and engaging way for learners to hone their comprehension skills using learning resources in the form of extracts from children’s timeless classics, from Alice in Wonderland to Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The BFG. 

The books have been chosen for their power to appeal to young readers' wild imaginations and build their desire and confidence to progress on their own reading journey. 

Primary School: whole class or group activity

Use as a whole class activity to power-up comprehension skills in preparation for the reading SATs. The Learner’s Library can be used to identify where Decoding and Comprehension intervention is required.

Secondary schools: literacy intervention

Use the library as an extension to Comprehension to encourage further practice of reading skills. You can use this alongside Comprehension to reinforce the development and adoption of mega-skills and mini-skills.

The Learner's Library provides a range of age-appropriate, interactive online sessions, for readers in Years 3-9. Use with your FREE classroom poster - a visual reminder of the key mega-skills and mini-skills.

Working through a series of extracts from a Learner's Library book, each session is designed to bring together key ingredients to improve reading; the explicit exploration of comprehension strategies; elements of metacognition; collaborative discussion, and of course the crucial underpinning ingredient ⏤ making reading enjoyable, so that children who’ve struggled to read can start truly enjoying it. 

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KS2 - Roald Dahl's favourites

Power-up comprehension skills in preparation for the reading SATs with Roald Dahl and ReadingWise.

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KS3 – Classic favourites

Classics is, first and foremost, a supplementary literacy intervention pack that practices and reinforces the skills first introduced to learners in the ReadingWise Comprehension module. However, it can also be used as a stand alone module to help struggling readers build their confidence.

It presents extracts from classic novels, mirroring the engaging interactive online format used in the Comprehension module.

The sessions can be delivered in groups of 10 learners with one TA or SENCO facilitating. Individual learners can use the texts during allocated school hours or at home.

What do the Learner's Library session activities look like?

Below you'll find an image of each of the 12 comprehension 'mini-skills'. This example is taken from Dahl's, The Twits.

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Literacy intervention training with ReadingWise 

With the implementation of any ReadingWise module, we deliver a 2-hour training session for your staff*. These are great sessions for schools interested in training their staff (in particular TAs) in effective literacy interventions. Best to have your literacy coordinator and TAs there. An SLT member would be great too.*Training can be delivered online or in-house depending on preferences and schedules. 

Is the Learner’s Library accessible for those with dyslexia or visual impairments?

Across the UK, anywhere from 15% to 20% of children are either dyslexic or have visual impairments, according to the British Dyslexia Association (BDA). Dyslexia and visual impairments are usually picked up by schools, and this means pupils can benefit from extra resources and support as required under SEND provisions. 

We have designed every ReadingWise module to be accessible for everyone by default, with dyslexia-friendly font and audio support that comes as standard. Both can make a massive difference for pupils who are struggling to read as early setbacks can often impact them for life unless a suitable intervention is provided.  

Is ReadingWise worth the investment?

"Reading Wise has been great for our school. It was recommended to us from a cluster school and what a difference it has made in such a short time! We have used Reading Wise as a targeted intervention for 10 children as a trial and have been blown away by the results.”

“In only one term, the majority of our children made at least 10 months of progress in their reading age- some even more! We have decided to purchase Reading Wise for the whole school and are very excited to see the progress throughout the school.”

We are extremely impressed with the impact Reading Wise has had in our school and are very excited to continue our journey. I would recommend Reading Wise to any school!"

Hannah Boardman, Irlam Primary School, Salford, UK

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