ReadingWise Case Studies from Primary and Secondary Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts

Learning to read gives a child so much more than a useful new skill. It maximises their enjoyment of school, boosts their self-confidence, and opens them up to a world of limitless possibilities. Our case studies show how ReadingWise can work for your school across every age and key stage group.

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Over 300,000 pupils in UK schools have completed a ReadingWise programme! We hope we can help pupil’s in your school learn, embrace, and enjoy reading, whether they’re in reception or preparing for SATs, and even GCSE or A Level exams. 

ReadingWise produces massive improvements in reading fluency, reading skills, and literacy in a short timescale. A Department for Education (DfE) RCT study found ReadingWise increased reading ages by 9.5 months in 1 term and ReadingWise pupils improved twice as fast compared to the control group.

With ReadingWise, your school can benefit from evidence-based interventions for every age group (whether reading age or chronological age).

Read about our case studies to find out how ReadingWise can make a real impact.

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