When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr

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"When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit," by Judith Kerr, is a poignant and evocative story that offers a child's perspective on the upheaval caused by the rise of the Nazi regime. The novel follows nine-year-old Anna and her Jewish family as they flee Berlin just before Adolf Hitler's election in 1933. Leaving behind her beloved stuffed toy, Pink Rabbit, Anna embarks on a journey through Switzerland, France, and eventually England, experiencing the dislocation and challenges of being a refugee.

The main plot centres around Anna's adaptation to her new life in foreign countries, the struggle to understand the political turmoil, and the resilience required to start anew. Alongside Anna are her brother Max and their parents, each coping with the loss and uncertainty in different ways. Anna's innocence and curiosity bring a touching and accessible dimension to the narrative, highlighting the impact of historical events on everyday lives.

Judith Kerr, who was born in Germany and later became a renowned British author, drew from her own experiences as a child refugee. Her ability to weave personal history with broader historical events has earned the book critical acclaim. "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit" has received several awards, including the prestigious “Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis” in Germany. Kerr's storytelling is lauded for its clarity and empathy, making complex historical events relatable to younger readers.

The language used in "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit" is straightforward yet evocative, ideal for young readers developing their comprehension skills. Our word lists support learning in this area by providing vocabulary and contextual understanding relevant to the book's themes. This novel is particularly suited for Key Stage 2, offering rich material for discussions on history, empathy, and resilience.

Classroom discussions can focus on various aspects of the book, such as the experience of refugees, the impact of political changes on personal lives, and the importance of family. The genre of historical fiction provides a gateway to exploring current affairs, drawing parallels between past and present issues of displacement and identity. Additionally, Judith Kerr's narrative technique and character development offer valuable lessons in storytelling and perspective.

"When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit" remains an essential read for its historical insights and emotional depth. It serves not only as a tool for learning about a dark chapter in history but also as a testament to the enduring human spirit. Teachers and students alike will find it a compelling addition to the curriculum, fostering both historical awareness and empathy.

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