The Demon Headmaster by Gillian Cross

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The Demon Headmaster by Gillian Cross

Dinah's life takes a sharp turn when she moves in with the Hunter family, becoming a school mate to her foster-brothers Lloyd and Harvey. However, the adjustment is far from smooth, as she senses an inexplicable hostility from her newfound family members. School itself reveals an even stranger reality, with students behaving like robots and other peculiar behaviours. Dinah herself also finds herself acting in strange ways. Convinced that the enigmatic headmaster holds some form of influence over the students, Dinah sets out on a quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding him. Little does she know, the formidable Demon Headmaster is determined to thwart her investigative pursuits.

Gillian Cross, an esteemed author, boasts a remarkable literary career with accolades such as the Carnegie Medal, the Whitbread Children's Novel Award, and the Smarties Prize. Her literary contributions have earned her well-deserved acclaim, and her books have garnered sales exceeding the one-million-copy mark. The book was first published in the 1980s and was so popular, the BBC made it into a television series some 15 years later.

Born as Gillian Arnold in 1945, Gillian Cross pursued her education at the North London Collegiate School, Somerville College at Oxford, and the University of Sussex. While she currently devotes herself entirely to writing and frequently engages in travel and speaking engagements related to her literary endeavours, Cross has held various roles, including serving as an assistant to a Member of Parliament. Her commitment to promoting literature is further evident in her eight-year tenure on the committee advising ministers on matters concerning public libraries.

Gillian Cross's storytelling prowess shines through as she weaves a tale that transcends the ordinary, engaging readers in a suspenseful exploration of identity, influence, and the battle between curiosity and control. With a distinguished literary career behind her, Cross continues to captivate audiences with her ability to craft narratives that resonate with both young and more mature readers alike. This book is ideal for readers in Key Stage 2, or older Key Stage 1 children.

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 The Demon Headmaster Gillian Cross - Vocabulary

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