The 10pm Question by Kate De Goldi

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The 10pm Question by Kate De Goldi

"The 10 P.M. Question" by Kate De Goldi is a deeply moving and insightful novel that captures the essence of childhood anxieties, family dynamics, and the journey towards understanding one's self. The story centres around Frankie Parsons, a 12-year-old boy who is plagued by worries that he brings to his mother every night at 10 p.m. These questions, often stemming from his overactive mind, range from the mundane to the profound, painting a vivid picture of his internal struggles. Frankie's life takes a turn with the arrival of Sydney, a new girl at school who challenges his perspectives and encourages him to confront his fears. De Goldi masterfully crafts a narrative that is both tender and poignant, utilising language that resonates with readers and supports learning, particularly suitable for Key Stage 3 students. The nuanced portrayal of mental health, family, and friendship offers rich vocabulary and themes that can enhance students' empathy and understanding.

The novel's exploration of mental health, particularly anxiety and its impact on young people, provides an excellent foundation for classroom discussions. Teachers can delve into topics such as coping mechanisms, the importance of communication within families, and the value of friendship in navigating personal challenges. Furthermore, De Goldi's characterisation and the setting contribute to a broader discussion on the complexity of adolescence.

The characters are well-developed, each with their distinct struggles and triumphs, offering students a mirror to their own experiences or a window into the lives of others. The book's honest and sensitive treatment of mental health challenges makes it a pertinent choice for discussions about wellbeing and the stigma often associated with mental health issues. Its relevance to current affairs related to mental health awareness in young people adds an additional layer of significance to classroom conversations.

Kate De Goldi is an acclaimed New Zealand author known for her ability to weave complex emotions and themes into accessible narratives for young readers. "The 10 P.M. Question" stands out as a testament to her talent, having received widespread praise for its compassionate portrayal of a young boy's struggle with anxiety. De Goldi's narrative style, characterised by its warmth, humour, and depth, engages readers, prompting reflection and discussion. The book has been recognised for its contribution to children's literature, shedding light on the importance of mental health awareness and the power of understanding and acceptance. De Goldi's work, especially in this novel, underscores the significance of literature in addressing challenging topics, making it a valuable resource for both educational settings and personal growth.

Through "The 10 P.M. Question," Kate De Goldi offers a compelling narrative that not only entertains but also educates and encourages young readers to explore complex themes of mental health, family, and personal growth. The book's nuanced approach to discussing anxiety, combined with its rich, empathetic storytelling, makes it an essential read for young people and an excellent addition to classroom libraries. De Goldi's dedication to crafting stories that resonate on a personal level, while also promoting understanding and empathy, highlights the enduring value of literature in helping young readers navigate the challenges of growing up.

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