Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson

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Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson

With Burns night fast approaching (January 25th), what better word list to feature than Hag Storm – Victoria Williamson’s wonderful tale inspired by the life of Robert Burns and his beloved poem, “Tam O’Shanter”!

In the year 1771, the renowned Scottish national poet and folk hero, Robert Burns, faces a series of daunting challenges that set the stage for a captivating tale. At the tender age of 12, young Rab is thrust into a life of arduous labour on his family's farm, forfeiting the opportunity for formal education. However, a serendipitous discovery of a hag stone in the fields alters the course of his destiny.

This mystical stone, with its enigmatic circular aperture, becomes a window to a world of supernatural intrigue for Rab. Peering through its magical hole, he witnesses a gathering of witches poised for a terrible plot against his own kin, targeting his family in a sinister scheme. Faced with an imminent threat, Rab embarks on a courageous mission to rescue his sisters from the clutches of the malevolent witches' coven, determined to thwart their ominous plans before the impending Halloween ceremony at the ancient kirk.

"Hag Storm" unfolds as a spellbinding historical adventure infused with an eerie supernatural twist, drawing inspiration from the life of Robert Burns and his poems. This book is particularly suited to readers in the age group of 8 to 12 (Key Stage 2), and offers an enthralling journey through mystery, magic, and the rich tapestry of Scottish folklore.

Victoria Williamson, the creative mind behind this tale, is not only a skilled storyteller but also a dedicated teacher and children's author with a global perspective. Having lived and worked in diverse regions such as Africa, China, America, and the UK, Williamson's experiences have shaped her storytelling, infusing it with a rich blend of cultural nuances. Her roots in Kirkintilloch, north Glasgow, surrounded by hills and a forest estate, served as the fertile ground for the inception of her early ghost stories and fantastical tales, nurtured amid the enchanting trees and eerie remnants of ancient buildings.

Williamson's previous novels, "The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle" and "The Boy with the Butterfly Mind", reflect her commitment to weaving narratives that resonate with children from diverse backgrounds. These works, grounded in her experiences of teaching children with varied life experiences, have earned acclaim, being shortlisted for several prestigious awards.

In "Hag Storm," Victoria Williamson invites readers to immerse themselves in a world where history and the supernatural converge, creating a literary tapestry that not only entertains but also educates, appealing to the curious minds of young readers and fostering an appreciation for the rich heritage of Scottish storytelling.

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 Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson - Vocabulary

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