Creating Word Lists in ReadingWise Vocab

An overview of a new feature - creating word lists in ReadingWise Vocab

What is 'creating word lists'?

The ReadingWise Vocab module allows teachers to create their own word lists to make it easy to reinforce vocabulary teaching. Initially this was done by sending a list to the ReadingWise team. Now teachers can create their own word list independently when logged in to the ReadingWise system.

The benefits of creating your own word lists include:

What do I need to use this?

You will need to have a school admin account with access to the ReadingWise Vocab module. If you don’t have this yet, either trial the Vocab module or get in touch to discuss gaining access.

How does it work?

We've worked very hard to make this as simple as possible. Creating a word list is a 4-step process.

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1. Create a new word list.

Log in and click on the Vocab icon. Now, click on ‘create word list’. Then you'll give it a name, select wheather you'd like to allocate a pre and post quiz, and add any description.

2. Add words to your list.

Once you've saved your new word list you'll be prompted to create a 'group of words'. For example, if your word list is called 'Happy words' then your first group of words might be 'Words from chapter 1'.

Then you type in your words and save. You can add as many groups of words as you'd like.

3. Check and amend the content.

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Each word has several elements connected to it:

Sometimes you'd like to amend these elements to best fit your teaching. There are many thousands of words already prepared in the system, including over 1,900 tier 2 words and words from Coxhead's academic word list.

4. Request approval

If you've made changes to the content or added anything, the ReadingWise team double check your list to make sure it is perfect. This includes checking the audio support is in place and so on.

We aim to check and approve lists within 3 working days, but expect this to happen more quickly in most instances. If you don't make any changes, then you don't need the list to be approved and it will be available immediately.

Are there more detailed instructions?

For a full step-by-step run through of creating word lists, please login and visit this teacher training page.

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