Christmas Reading Cluster

Christmas Vocabulary and Teaching Resources With Our Christmas Reading Cluster

Christmas Reading Cluster: Vocabulary and Comprehension

Christmas Reading Resources Including Vocabulary and Comprehension

Happy Christmas! We're delighted to share with you some of our Christmas-themed reading resources - in a Christmas reading cluster.

What is a reading cluster?

A reading cluster is used to describe a set of reading resources grouped around a theme. For example, for the theme 'Christmas' we might have a newpaper article about Christmas in Mexico, the classic Dickens' story 'A Christmas Carol', the lyrics from an actual Christmas carol - and other texts or resources that build a view from several perspectives or genres of a theme.

Resources for you today

We have two resources for you to use with your classes this Christmas. The first utilises our powerful Vocab module to build vocabulary. The second is an extract from A Christmas Carol featuring interactive comprehension strategies.

Christmas Vocab Word List

We've 3 seasonal word lists to reccommend. One has 42 Christmas words to practice and learn. The second explores seasonal celebrations. The third contains a selection of winter words! For each word list, every word has a corresponding image, antonyms and synonyms, defintions and example sentences.

Just what does Kris Kringle mean? Found out here!

Either login to access the word list (assuming you have a ReadingWise account with Vocab), or register for a free trial now!

'UK Christmas'

'Winter Celebrations'

'Wintertime Vocab'

A Christmas Carol Comprehension Resources

With superb audio and 12 comprehension strategies, this extract will support a cracker of a comprehension experience!

There are 12 mini-skills to choose from across the two extracts. Great for the interactive whiteboard, fantastic for individual pupils if you'd like to set them up with their own accounts. Again, either login to access the extracts (assuming you have a ReadingWise account with Classics), or register for a free classics trial now!


We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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