Hillpark Secondary School, Glasgow

"Amazing results from just 6 weeks on the ReadingWise Zip Programme. My pupil’s confidence has improved greatly, as has his reading age. He has moved from a reading age of 6.11 to 8.1 in just 6 weeks. We are all absolutely delighted with the results! Thank you ReadingWise!"

"Once again we are amazed by the progression of one of our students through the Reading Wise Programme. When he began the programme in August 2020, he had a reading age of 6 years and 11 months. When tested in June 2022, his reading age is now 11 years. This student has conscientiously worked through the programmes set and the results speak for themselves!"

Mrs D. Brown, Teacher of Additional Support for Learning (ASL) & Nurture, Hillpark Secondary School, Glasgow

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