Stuart Lawson


Stuart Lawson

Stuart Lawson helps ReadingWise English crunch the numbers, but as an enthusiastic supporter of literacy in the UK, he also loves to get hands on with the team. He’s more than happy to roll up his sleeves to help make things happen.

His passion for ReadingWise is well-founded - it was always his main aim to work somewhere where he can make a positive impact. His background is broad and he has experience in manufacturing, health care products, alternative energy supply, sports industry, charities, property development and restaurants.

Stuart considers himself very good at multitasking and loves running many projects at a time - which is useful as he always has something different on the go. His specialities are financial structures, acquisitions, multiple project management, negotiation skills, people management and motivation, understanding numbers as well as taking complex situations and breaking them down to solve them in simple stages.

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