Jamie Fries


Jamie Fries

A passion for education and a desire to do something meaningful in the world lead Jamie to ReadingWise English. But before this, he already had a successful education business under his belt.

Called Languagenut, it was a concept that ex-language teacher Jamie had taken from tiny start-up in his garden shed to a thriving community located in over 20 countries.

A simple but effective language teaching resource, Jamie built Languagenut at night while teaching languages in a UK secondary school by day.

In 2010 Languagenut launched and soon over 10% of UK schools were using it to deliver fun language lessons. Languagenut now has users all over the world and the original product has evolved into a powerful tool that aids language teachers everywhere. He has also developed a unique EAL / ESL resource which supports the millions of children in the English speaking world who do not speak English as their first language.

However, Jamie was also keen to find a way to support those struggling with literacy in the UK. He discovered how effective ReadingWise English and knew straight away that it was his mission to bring this important programme to those who need it in British classrooms.

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