Chiara Lyons

Community Administrator and Trainer

Chiara Lyons

Chiara joined the ReadingWise Team in April 2024.

Originally a Human Rights Lawyer, Chiara spent her early career in El Salvador, Colombia, Palestine and back home in the UK, working for organisations including the United Nations Refugee Agency, Amnesty International and the British Red Cross, as well as some amazing local charities. Through this work, Chiara saw the best and the worst of humanity, and she learnt that the most effective solutions come from asking affected people & communities what they need.

Subsequently, Chiara moved into the field of education, working as a Learning Support Assistant in schools in North West London, before undertaking a postgraduate certificate in Speech and Language Therapy. Chiara has dyslexia herself (which wasn’t formally identified until she was an undergraduate at Oxford University) and she really enjoys supporting children and young people who benefit from alternatives to traditional forms of learning, reading and processing information.

As a child, Chiara loved being read to, and was lucky enough to have an uncle who was an actor. When Uncle David voiced the characters from Just William and Roald Dahl stories, the world of books really came alive for Chiara, and she couldn’t get enough!

Chiara truly believes in Reading Wise’s vision of a world where every human on earth can read well, and she will do all she can to support this aim. Do get in touch if you need any support from Chiara - she’s always happy to chat.

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