UK literacy figures ‘fixed’ by OECD report

Exclusive: secret papers released show that foreign competitors conspired to taint UK’s reputation by fixing figures to put us at 22 out of 26 countires

In a highly classified report seen by us this morning, UK intelligence officials reveal how 21 of the UK’s foreign competitors conspired, resulting in the country ranking 22 out of 26 countries in a league table of literacy, plunging the country onto shame, shock and awe, sending sterling spiralling against both the Euro and dollar.

By midday today you might realise this isn’t true and just a ploy to draw attention to the shocking state of UK literacy. Indeed as far as we know, the UK did and still does lag at the bottom of this league. Almost 20% of our children leave primary school unable to read and write to the required standard. That’s no April fool.

Our partners in the literacy battle

With many other organisations in the UK, ReadingWise are working and campaigning to help children who struggle with reading.

Click here to read more about the first issue of Literate Times that describes the work of our partners like Save the Children, Beanstalk and National Literacy Trust. It also includes case studies of Primary, Secondary and Specials Schools in the UK that have used our own literacy intervention, ReadingWise English to jump-start reading for those who struggle.

Tell us and them what you think

We have a feeling that this 20% could be very easily overlooked, written off even. We are currently running a survey to gauge the feelings of teachers.

If you have a few minutes, do please click here to tell us what you think as we want to report back before the election to make sure that literacy and the struggling 20% are very much on the agenda come May 7th.

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