Progress Bar Update

A new feature to improve learners' sense of progress in Zip and Vocab

Progress Bar Update - Zip and Vocab

This week we have updated the progress bar for teachers and learners. This article takes you through this update as simply as possible. Note that it only effects the Zip and Vocab modules.

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What is the progress bar?

The progress bar is visible when you view your learners page in the dashboard and when you look at an individual learner's page. Learners can see it at the top of their page.

Why have you updated it?

During our Vocab pilot we received clear feedback from learners that we could communicate a sense of progress through the programme more effectively. Learners wanted to know how far they were through a programme. This update helps learners to see and feel their progress.

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What has changed for learners?

Before, learners had this progress bar at the top of the screen. It showed them a percentage of progress. There was no way for them to view the content of their programme. This picture is how it used to be.

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There are two changes for learners. First, we have colour-coded the progress bar to reflect the state of each word or item in their programme (read below).

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Second, learners can now click on their progress bar (just like you can in the dashboard) and see their progress. This will help them to position themselves in the programme they are working on. We all like to know how far we've gone, and how far to go!

State of each word? What does that mean?

In Zip and Vocab, each item (word, phrase, phoneme...) has a state. The 5 states are: untested, questioning, mastered, revising, and fully mastered. You may have seen this in the dashboard when you click on a learner's progress bar.

What has changed for teachers?

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The progress bar in the dashboard will now be the same as the new learner's progress bar.This picture is the old version and is to remind you where it is.

Feedback please!

As ever, we love your feedback and take it on board to hone each feature so that it works for you and your learners. Get in touch with Caroline, Jo and Emily and let them know what you think. Or email us via the contact page! Thanks for working with us to improve reading.

"I just wanted to say how much I love the change to the progress bar on Readingwise. This makes it so much clearer to track progress."

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