Phonics Check for Year 2 Autumn Term 2020

Schools are being asked to deliver the phonics screening check to pupils who missed it due to COVID-19. ReadingWise Zip provides a simple, effective resource focusing on either the 2017, 2018 or 2019 content.

The Phonics Screening Check for Year 2, Autumn 2020

As discussed in this TES article yesterday, the government is asking all schools in England with year 2 pupils to conduct the phonics screening check in the autumn term 2020 (for all pupils who missed it in year 1).

What You Need to Know

Links to the Government Materials You Will Use

ReadingWise has a unique programme to target either the 2017, 2018 or 2019 content quickly and easily. As an online programme, it is 'lockdown proof' and friendly for families who have to use smartphones rather than computers or tablets. Before we detail what we can offer you, here are the links to the government resources - these are the screening checks you will need to choose from and their associated materials.

The Content of Each Year

Here is the content of each year's screening check to help you choose:

Stories: Classics Pack
2019 2018 2017

ReadingWise Zip makes practising these words a cinch.

ReadingWise Zip is an online programme that has been trialed as part of a DfE study and is widely used in English schools. The core programme includes the letters and sounds phases and sets, but we have adapted it to support the autumn 2020 phonics screening test for year 2.

Zip offers you a robust, simple and effective way to expose your pupils to the exact content that you have chosen for the screening check.

How it works

You would also have access to the core Zip programme (letters and sounds phases and sets), so if you wished you could spend the first half-term focusing on the phases and then move your pupils on to the specific phonics screening check content!

The Activities

There are 2 activities that pupils practice; Sound to Word and Word to Sound. They are pictured below. In Sound to Word, they hear a single word and then select from two written options. In Word to Sound, pupils read one word, and then select from two sound options. Simple!

Stories: Classics Pack
Sound to Word Word to Sound
Treasure Island Book Cover Treasure Island Book Cover


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