The literacy intervention that jump-starts reading

Over 9 months in 20 hours

Using a broad range of innovative techniques, we've developed a groundbreaking literacy intervention with amazing results. Research suggests ReadingWise English offers over 9 months reading age increase in just 20 hours.


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Research demonstrates ReadingWise English can boost reading ages by over nine months in just 20 hours

What is ReadingWise?

The ReadingWise English literacy intervention is made up of five different modules. Two are just for teachers and the supporting team – they help you deliver the course and give you a highly effective dashboard on which to track your pupils’ progress. The other three are for your students and deal with letter recognition, decoding and comprehension.

Our Alphabet module supports those who need to go over the core units of sound.

The Decoding module takes learners through a carefully structured learning journey, personalised for them. A learner works through blends, progresses through common endings, words and sentences using a variety of innovative approaches to unlock learning.

The Comprehension module aims to empower learners to employ key strategies, like seeking definitions when appropriate and using scanning and skimming skills.

We aim to make life easy for our schools and organisations and the Dashboard and Training modules allow you to get the information you need about a learner's progress quickly. The Dashboard lets you view learners' progress, how much time they've spent to date, pre and post assessment data, where they are struggling most (allowing focussed support) and much more.

The Training module augments the training we deliver when we set up an organisation and ensures that all staff are able to deliver the ReadingWise English literacy intervention effectively - making a big difference to learners' lives.

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