The ReadingWise Dashboard is where you take control - it's where you monitor progress, generate reports, add new users, and access or update student information.

What is the Dashboard for?

The Dashboard has a number of easy-to-use features, whether you're running a session in the classroom, evaluating progress or reporting to your colleagues or management team. The Live View lets your TAs track learners activity in the classroom, as they use the programme. The Learner View gives you helpful at-a-glance information of their progress as they make their way through their lesson plan. You can also generate reports in order to demonstrate impact. It's also where you can add new users, new learning groups, and generally take control of any administrative needs.

For running ReadingWise sessions

The Live View lets you monitor your learners' progress in real-time. Using a simple 'traffic light' system', it lets you know when their activity or accuracy drops. This allows your TAs to target support and monitor more effectively, helping your learners get the most out of the programme while they use it.

For monitoring progress

The learner view provides you or your supervisor a range of information about your learners' progress, such as the last time they logged on, how much time they've spent on the programme and their accuracy or activity. You can print off their logins, track how many tokens they've earned and identify any areas for improvement.

For reporting and demonstrating impact

The Dashboard allows you to generate reports for learners who have completed their lesson plans, so you can easily demonstrate the impact of the programme, whether to your senior leadership team or OFSTED. These can be generated per user, for each group, or for your school as a whole.

For general administration

If you need to add new users, print off learner logins, create a new learning group or change any other details, then you can do this in the Dashboard. We even have a helpful FAQ section to help you answer any questions you may have.

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