Lucy Whitley

Community Administrator and Trainer

Lucy Whitley

After studying Human Biology at university, Lucy worked in the travel industry and then qualified as a TEFL teacher where she taught English as a Foreign Language to children, teenagers and business professionals in Spain. She has also taught English as a Foreign Language in the UK to over 14 different nationalities.

Lucy has spent most of the last year in Karnataka, Southern India, where she has been working on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects with Raleigh International and DfID’s International Citizen Service. Lucy managed groups of young British and Indian volunteers from diverse backgrounds, working to initiate sustainability through advocacy and teaching of behavioural change. She worked with local NGOs and the local government to develop connections with the communities, as well as motivating her team to develop new personal qualities and ambitions. She also taught English to children and adults in rural villages. Developing her understanding of issues affecting reading and writing she saw how illiteracy really is a hidden problem, predominantly in women.

In addition to her volunteer work in India, her interests have led her to medical volunteering in Tanzania and marine research in the Southwest Pacific. Lucy has a specific interest in working towards developing and empowering education and health systems of local communities, whether it be in the UK or globally, and bringing global issues and the development goals to the forefront of the public agenda. Lucy believes that quality and access to education is critical to end cycles of poverty and disease and will provide the stepping stones for sustainable development and influence generations to come.

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